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AllBrands Review (Bonus With AllBrands Coupon!)

AllBrands Coupon

AllBrands has earned a niche in online selling of sewing machines, home appliances and garment care products. It features products from such companies as Brothers, Electrolux, Singer, Krups and many others – thus, its name –All Brands. These products are displayed in the company’s website from which anyone can do online shopping using major credit cards, PayPal or Google Wallet.

The Added Advantage of Shopping at All Brands
From its wide array of products posted online, the company was able to reach out to a wider market since it was founded in 1976 by the Douthat family in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Customer review corner of its website is replete with positive feedbacks of how products purchased from the company had been worth the money, the service and delivery efficient. Online shopping through the site is so simple and easy; the product specifications are indicated and the prices are most often slashed to eye-popping low-deal. The company brand of the products also speaks for itself – quality and edge in the same product line. Many of these had been around for quite a long time that each product had become synonymous to the brand.

When you speak of sewing machine, who has not heard about Singer? Or if one looks for a coffee maker, the name Krups instantly comes to mind. The buyer is also assured of other supplemental products attached to an appliance. For example, you order a sewing machine for your fashion and craft business, and you can get accessories like dress forms, sewing needles, thread kits, bobbins and winders, scissors, cutting mats and thimbles, etc. One can also order instruction manuals. Similarly, the customer can order a wide-range of kitchen appliances from the biggest to the most handy. Most of these products have warranty included in their packaging. Shipping through known couriers like FedEx takes a flat-rate of $200, and to be expected within 4 to 6 weeks.

You Get a Good Deal Plus Learn a Hobby
One of the best buys in AllBrands is found in the series of sewing machines posted on its site. For as low as $79.90 to as high as $1,499, the customer could choose from manual to computerized machine to start or augment a fashion business or hobby like quilting. One brand for example, the Brother VQ 3000 Demo Weaver Quilting and Sewing Machine comes with a free bag, 11.25” arm, Pen Pal Laser Guide, Muvit Digital Rotary Top Belt, Dual Field and an extended table cast for bigger projects. The extra bonus a customer can get is to enroll in the free online classes on sewing or quilting and other crafts one is inclined about. These are interactive sessions with instructors who are specialized in the craft or business. One can then start a business or pursue learning a craft made possible by online shopping at AllBrands.

All- in- all, one can get a fair deal and hassle-free shopping at an affordable cost. One is also assured by the company’s reputation for efficient delivery and customer care service.

AllBrands Coupon

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AllBrands Review
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