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Better World Books Review (Bonus With Better World Books coupon!)

Better World Books Coupon

We all have many books that lie around in our homes for long periods of time till they become obsolete and are thrown away. Books are very valuable and even if we don’t need a book we still feel bad at the time of throwing it away. Better World Books started with an initiative to collect the books the lie around useless or are thrown away in landfills. They start with telling the people that they could spread knowledge by donating the books that they don’t need any more rather than keeping them for long times without any use. Better World Books wants to collect the books from all over the United Kingdom and then bring them in for sorting and categorize them for reusing or recycling. It is not actually a non-profit organization but it works with schools, libraries, individuals and sells the collected books on online marketplaces so that they could be reused. The interesting thing is that millions of books are sent their way each year by various resources. People actually prefer donating books for a social cause rather than throwing them away.

Who This Is For
Whether you are an individual who wants to donate books or a library that is looking for books or a library willing to donate books this is a very good platform to spread a global message of spreading knowledge. The books that are collected are sent to developing countries where they are reused and if they cannot find a source to reuse a book more than 3, 4 or 5 times then they are responsibly recycled. Better World Books works with social cause organization and provides them the materials necessary to educate the people of the world. More people are drawn towards this social cause everyday because not only it comes with a good cause but also the opportunity to recycle books which ultimately results in the less cutting of trees. With millions of books in the reserve there is the possibility of the availability of all kinds of books and they sell those books online at the best ever prices.

Why You Would Find This Helpful
Any common person or literary organization would be interested in this project because it is working to promote literacy by collecting and distributing books in UK and all over the globe. Better World Books has affiliates from all over the world who support and encourage this social cause. Better World Books has recently made an agreement with Carbon Footprint which helps them to plant trees in the Scotland. They have been working and made impacts on the lives of children of the developing countries but also on the lives of the donors who generously donate books for this great cause.

Additional Thoughts is a great service that has been working for the spreading of knowledge all around the globe and preventing the disposal of books in the wrong way. So far Better World Books has donated more than 9.5 million books and generated more than 9.5 million for literacy and libraries which in my opinion is a great achievement to make everyone learn and spread the knowledge they have in every way possible.

Better World Books Coupon

Rich Snippet
Better World Books Review
4.4/5 stars

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