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Bluehost Review (Bonus With Bluehost Coupon!)

Bluehost CouponBluehost is an easy hosting provider to boast about.  They have been a top contender in the hosting space for a very long time and people have very little negative things to say about them.  Bluehost continues to gain more and more market share as time rolls forward due to their phenomenal service.  They have all of their servers in house and monitor them 24/7.  Because of this, Bluehost has a fantastic track record of 99.9% up time.  Whenever a server has a malfunction, it is solved in such a short time that it is almost unnoticeable.

Bluehost is going to come equipped with all of the essentials you need to start building your website and building your brand online.  You are going to get Unlimited disk space for file storage and unlimited bandwidth for server traffic.  These two things are very important because it means that Bluehost can grow with you.  You are also going to be able to create unlimited email accounts for yourself.  Meaning that everyone in your company and their grandma can have their own “”.

The main question that might be on everyone’s mind is in regards to Bluehost’s slightly higher price point.  It is not much, but Bluehost costs maybe two extra dollars per month over the competition.  The bottom line is that for those extra two dollars, you are getting insane reliability.  That not only applies to the servers, but also to the tech support.  They are highly educated and can help you at your time of need.  Without a doubt, the extra two measly dollars per month is worth it for peace of mind in the case that trouble strikes.  I have also found the many Bluehost support staff members can help with database and coding questions if you need the assistance.

While we are on the topic of tech-minded people.  Those who are will find all that they need inside the Bluehost cPanel.  Create countless mySQL databases for yourself and manipulate them through phpMyAdmin.  Very quick FTP access to the server and support for Ruby, PHP, Perl, etc.  Tech-minded people will love Bluehost.

On the opposite side, if you are a newbie to the website creation space, Bluehost hooks you up with a number of great tools.  You can easily install website builders onto your site with the click of a button.  This will allow you to create a simple website for yourself and edit it with drag-and-drop features.  Very cool if you are just learning about all this.

I hope you found this review to be helpful for you!  I really do love Bluehost and cannot recommend it enough.  Be sure to grab a Bluehost Coupon above to save yourself some money if you choose to go with them!

Bluehost Coupon

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Bluehost Review
4.9/5 stars