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Boost Mobile Review (Bonus With Boost Mobile Promo Code!)

Boost Mobile Promo Code

Boost Mobile is one of the top prepaid cell phone companies out there today. The company provides cell phones to their customers, as well as prepaid cell phone plans.

Would You Like Boost Mobile?
Many people wonder whether or not they would like the services and products that Boost Mobile offers, and the answer to that question is yes. The company offers quite a few benefits for their customers. Individuals will love Boost Mobile because they are not like other prepaid cell phone companies in terms of the quality of coverage. Boost has tremendous coverage all around the country, and they have a wide selection of phones for you to choose from. Basically, anybody will find that Boost Mobile is the right cell phone company for them, and this includes everyone from students to parents to businessmen to everyone in between.

Great Products And Services
As previously mentioned there are quite a few different services and products that the company offers, which some of them will now be discussed. You should look into getting their $50 plan. This plan includes unlimited text messaging, nationwide talk-time and plenty of data for web usage as well as email usage. In matter of fact, you will get 2.5GB of high-speed data per month. It is also worth noting that your monthly payments can shrink after you make on-time payments.

After you have made 18 payments on time, then you will only have to pay $35 per month. If you make 12 payments on time, then expect to pay $40 per month, while making six payments on time will have your bill shrink to $45 per month. Not many companies offer this type of incentive to pay your cell phone bill on time. This cell phone plan seems to be the most popular plan available, but there is also an international connect plan, which allows you to make unlimited calls to select countries, such as Canada and Mexico, but only to land lines.

A far as their cell phones go, there are quite a few different phones to choose from. The Samsung Array is one of their best selling phones, and it only costs $49.99. The phone is equipped with a QWERTY keyboard that slides right out, and it has a slim design. Doing social networking is easy on this phone, because it is Internet-able.

Another good phone that Boost Mobile carries is the LG Rumor Reflex, which also has a QWERTY keyboard, but is equipped with a 3.0 touch screen, GPS navigation, Bluetooth and even customizable ringtones. These are just a few of the features of this phone, and it only sells for $79.99.

There are many other phones that the company sells, but the above two are among their best.

All And All
When it comes to prepaid cell phone companies, Boost Mobile is without the doubt the best one. Not many other companies can match the coverage that Boost has, and not many can match Boost’s prices of their phone plans and even their phones. If you are looking for a great cell phone company, then look no further than Boost Mobile.

Boost Mobile Promo Code

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Boost Mobile Review
4.4/5 stars