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Competitive Cyclist Review (Bonus With Competitive Cyclist Coupon!)

Competitive Cyclist Coupon

Competitive Cyclist is an online retailer specialised in mountain and road bikes, components, accessories and apparel. This firm delivers the best personalized service with a dynamic and interactive experience. Competitive Cyclist is also dedicated in making consumers knowledgeable and confident on each and every product they purchase. Various models of bikes, accessory, tops, bottoms and shoes can be found in competitive cyclist store.

Purchase has been made easier since customers can buy any product brands following the brand list provided. All the products in competitive cyclist are designed to optimize comfort during cycling, swimming and racing. Products are available in different sizes, colors and for both sexes. The good thing with competitive cyclist is that buyers can measure up their clothing and get the right fit for them. This would take approximately ten minutes and you would be needed to provide eight pieces of information so as to calculate your initial position and optimal frame size. This is intended to assure customers to get apparel that fit them. There are also gifts that are offered following the purchase of certain products. Buyers are also assured of 100% guarantee return in case new and unused gear does not fit their needs. In addition, competitive cyclist accepts gear for credit as far as they receive it within 90 days after the purchase.

Orbea Alma 29 silver S70 complete bike has a well conceived build kit and it stands as a model of sharp design. Its down-tube is oversized for stiffness and it is also shaped in a way that, it provides protection to rider from spray and mud from the front tire. The rear and front triangles are quadrangles with 4 corners in order to increase comfort. The wires are sealed while the routing on the underside keeps the wires protected. This bike is available in small, medium, large and comes in 4 different colors.

Continental Grand Prix 4000s tire has unmatched versatility and it is light enough for a hilly ride. The low rolling resistance has made it to be the perfect choice for race wheels. The tiny size black chilli particles allow the bike to mold easily to the road surface. It also gives the tire an ability to conform to the imperfections of the road surface. The same small chilli particles also reduce tear and rolling resistance thus increasing tire longevity.

Castelli Body Paint Tri suit for men makes a rider as aerodynamic as possible. This clothing is designed to manage and cushion moisture while on the bike. Air passes freely through the suit thus causing a cooling effect to the rider. Water and air flow will remain attached to the rider’s body as it comes off of the front of the bike and the helmet during the ride, and the shoulder and head during the swim. Castelli Body Paint Tri suit is available in black color and in 6 different sizes from small to XXX- Large.

Competitive Cyclist is a one stop online shop where you can get durable and highest quality cycling components, apparel and bikes. All these products are designed to deliver optimal performance and personal satisfaction.

Competitive Cyclist Coupon

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Competitive Cyclist Review
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