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CourseSmart Review (Bonus With CourseSmart Coupon!)

CourseSmart Coupon

CourseSmart has the world’s largest collection of eTextbooks, eResources and digital course materials. Started in 2007, CourseSmart initially provided service for enabling instructors to evaluate textbooks easily. By 2008, it extended its service to students and provided digital textbooks of high quality and introduced digital rental service which allowed students to rent eTextbooks and online course materials. This service helped the students save a huge amount of money. The rental period is of 12 months which enables the user have plenty of time to use it.

One of the strongest feature of CourseSmart is that the text can be downloaded which enables users offline reading. This is particularly helpful for those users who don’t have reliable internet connection. The offline reading option is available only on Firefox 3.6 and higher versions. The digital learning content provided by CourseSmart is of the highest quality and is accessable on PC, laptops, tablets and smartphones using any internet browser or free app.

For users who have vision or hearing impairment, CourseSmart has resources. for eTextbooks with assistive technology and customer support is provided 24/7 for all users. It allows its users to print up to 10 pages from eTextbooks, search notes and take topics from the resources available. It enables its users the access to top core higher education titles anytime and from anywhere. CourseSmart allows its users to take down notes and these written notes can easily be anchored to the page for further reference and can be accessable from the menu sidebar. The eTextbooks notes can be conveniently shared within students and instructors .

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Since CourseSmart is extremely user-friendly, it is perfect for students as well as instructors. The rental service allows the users to save lot of money, moreover the rental period is of 12 months which allows ample of time for users to access the course material.

CourseSmart has eTextbooks with assistive technology which enables users with vision or hearing problem to access the course material conveniently. The printing and sharing feature is unique, it also allows the user to take notes as well as high light important points for further reference.

Favourite selection
The rental service feature of CourseSmart is highly appreciated by users as it saves a lot of money compared to printed course material. Moreover, the 14 days return policy also is an added advantage for users as it allows the user to return the digital material if less than 20% of the course material has been viewed.

The highlighting tool offered by CourseSmart is highly appreciated by the users as it the highlighted points are saved in the sidebar for further reference. It also features the ability to pop up saved notes which is highly useful for students who want to refer the important notes during exam preparation.

All in all
CourseSmart has the highest standard quality of eTextbooks and digital resources platform. The printing and sharing feature is unique and very helpful for its users. The return policy is very handy indeed for users who want to change their course material. In conclusion, CourseSmart is perfect for both students as well as instructors.

CourseSmart Coupon

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CourseSmart Review
4.4/5 stars