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Dollar Shave Club Coupon

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Dollar Shave Club Review (Bonus With Dollar Shave Club Coupon!)

Dollar Shave Club Coupon

Dollar Shave Club is a CA company that offers and deliver grooming product such as razors and other shaving kits by mail. The Company supplies fresh razor blades to all the members of the Dollar Shave Club on a monthly basis and also offers supplementary grooming products on home delivery.

Dollar Shave Club was founded by Michael Dubin and Mark Levine. The company began its operation in the month of July in 2011. Dollar Shave Club has been awarded a 2013 Webby Award in the category of Fashion and Beauty and has also earned the People’s Choice Webby Award in the category of Consumer Packaged Goods. This Club is backed by Science Inc. (Technology Studio) and has been receiving funds from Venrock, Forerunner and Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers. Apart from these, there are another investors like Shasta Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Felicis Ventures, Shervin Pishevar, White Star Capital and David Honig.

Why you should consider Dollar Shave Club?
Every Month, Dollar Shave Club sends a confirmation email to let you know when your blades will be shipped. The package sent by the DSC arrives in about 3-4 days via USPS. After you become a member of this club, your first handle (razor) is free. This thing (razor) is quite good and is easy to grip and has less weight and much solid feeling than the handle of Fusion. The Blades provided by the DSC lasts much longer than other shaving blades. It can be used for 2-3 weeks easily. Unlike the Fusion, razor’s lubricated strip doesn’t break easily. If you have a job where you always need a super close shave then you should not consider these blades. These blades are also not ideal if you have weed-like face hair. Considering the life of the blades, it is obvious that using shaving cream increases the life of the blades. The Dollar Shave Club also sends Shave Butter as a free trial. You shouldn’t buy it (Shave Butter). Once again I am repeating don’t buy that. Under running water, the lifeless hair goes out with great joy. In the razor of DSC, the hair doesn’t stick in the blade.

Types of Razor offered by Dollar Shave Club
Depending on your decision for testing the Dollar Shave Club razors, you have three options. The first razor option from DSC is The Humble Twin which is the cheapest. It costs about $3.5 per month and comes with 5 cartridges. The handle of this cheap razor is made of plastic and is very flimsy and doesn’t offer a comfortable shave. The blades of this razor are easily clogged and sometimes the head can pop off with a little pressure. The main advantage of using Humble Twin is that it saves you money.

The second option is the 4X or Lover’s Blade’ which costs you $6.5 per month and comes with 4 cartridges. It is four blade razor provided with a moisturizing strip. It is much better than Humble Twin. The main disadvantage of using this blade is the bulky head which makes it difficult for shaving.

The third option is The Executive’. It is the most expensive one and offers you the best shave. It costs you $9.50 per month and comes with a 4 cartridges. The Executive gives a comfortable shave and presence of trimmer at the back of the razor helps to reach the areas where shaving is difficult. The only disadvantage of using this razor is its high price.

Is it worth it?
Well, Yes. The quality in most areas like quality of the handle and longevity of blade is much better than other disposable razor. The price of these razors is far better. This will save us a lot of money.

Dollar Shave Club Coupon

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Dollar Shave Club Review
4.4/5 stars

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