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Domain.Com was founded in the year 2000 to provide domain names and web hosting services to the clients. Since then this site has established itself as one of the biggest providers of domain name registration and related services. This company is located in the United States of America. has continued to establish itself by providing better services in domain name registration. Last year the company got recognition from the Endurance International Group. It invited to be part of its well known hosting brand. main focus is on affordable shared hosting, though it offers a variety of hosting plans to its clients. VPS hosting plans is one of the auxiliary plans that the company provides.

Reputable Host has remained the best domain hosting provider as it provides the best services to its clients. This company is specialized in providing domain centric features to people who want to start a website. Domain .com is not a scam as others say. It is a real company that ensures cheap registration of domain names. The company also registers their clients’ email addresses using the client website domain names. The company also offers privacy features on clients’ websites at a good and cheaper price as compared to other hosting companies.

The company has assisted more people to buy domains. Regardless of what you want to do with your domain the company registers their customers’ domains. This company has registered thousands of names for individuals ranging from those who want a website for blog writing, small medium based businesses like restaurants, to multinational companies that want to reach the whole word. This company has gone high Tec by providing advanced domain services to its customers. Some of these services range from providing sub domains to already existing domains, providing creation tools for customer support services. also provides dedicated IP addresses making it the top 10 domain hosting provider in the world.

The Best That They Offer allows its clients to carry domain search before registering them. The company also allows their client to transfer their domain names to other people. In addition to that offers international domains and sub-domains. They also extend their privacy features to the international clients. The company offer dedicated IP addresses but its an option element for their clients. offers free setup and give a chance to customers to own unlimited domain under a single account.

The company extra features and customer support are guaranteed. Some of the extras features that the company guarantees support include site creation tools, MYSQL database, and customer support services. The company also provide site template to its customers to make site creation easy. provides advanced web-based file manager and website traffic statistics for the client domain. The companies provide unlimited bandwidth factors that make more customers to have a second thought about it. Coupon

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