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FTC Disclosure

The primary goal of Coupon Avengers is to save people money.  Everyone is always looking for a coupon code or promo code when ordering online, and we want to find a way to give that to them.

Coupon Avengers stays online and in business through affiliate relationships with the companies featured.  When you buy through the links on our site, we earn a referral commission for sending the sale.

Will it cost you more?

Never. In fact, the deals on our site actually save you money.

Businesses are always looking to gain new customers, so they offer out commissions for sites that are able to send them.  By using our site: You save money on your order, the company gains a new customer, we stay in business to provide more coupon codes to you and others!

Can we see your personal details?

No way.  The companies we work with take privacy very seriously.

Does it affect the quality of our reviews?

Not a chance. In fact, if you read our reviews, you will notice that they are feature-based.
Our reviews are there for you to understand what you are buying rather than to persuade you.

With that being said, our review articles are not written in-house.  They are sourced to an outside company.
We do our best to monitor the quality of the articles, but it’s possible that some will slip by us.
Please do not take them as professional advice, but rather just another part of your research process.

Why do we disclose all this?

We think that it is important to disclose any and all financial motives, even if it doesn’t affect our users.
Informing our users is very important to us!