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GoDaddy Review (Bonus With GoDaddy Promo Code!)

GoDaddy Promo CodeWithout a doubt, GoDaddy is the most well-known and advertised domain and hosting company in existence. Of course a company doesn’t get to the point of million dollar Super Bowl commercials without first being very successful. And of course there is a reason why GoDaddy is as successful as it is.

The first pull that GoDaddy has is their extremely affordable prices. I have not seen domains offered as inexpensively as GoDaddy from any other host. Their hosting prices are extremely competitive as well. When compared to other hosts (such as BlueHost, DreamHost, etc), their hosting prices are actually on the lower end. So with low cost domains and low cost hosting, GoDaddy makes it very easy to take the financial step in creating a website.

More important than price, they offer a variety of services within their hosting plans that allow people to easily build a website for themselves. You can install WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal in just a few clicks (A process that normally takes a few hours). Additionally they have their “Website Tonight” program that is arguably the fastest and easiest way for a non-experienced person to create a website. And on the opposite side of that statement, they also offer pure FTP access for those who are experienced.

GoDaddy offers a custom control panel for all customers as opposed to the classic cPanel. Those coming from using cPanel might need to spend a little bit of time getting used to it, but those who have never used cPanel before will find it extremely easy to use. You can create email accounts for yourself using your personal domain name on the control panel. The mail can then be accessed through your favorite software or online webmail service (such as gmail or outlook).

If this is your first time buying a domain name or hosting, GoDaddy is an absolutely phenomenal choice. You will not be disappointed. It is nice to have the backing of a huge company behind you that you can trust and learn the ropes. They offer a wide variety of tools that you can use and learn at your own pace without getting overwhelmed. If you are coming from a different host, you are in great hands as well. You might find it slightly different than your current host, due to GoDaddy’s custom interfaces, but that definitely is not a bad thing. You will very quickly learn the ropes of GoDaddy and be on your way with a trusted and backed host in no time!

I hope you found this review helpful!  Be sure to utilize a GoDaddy Promo Code above to save some money!

GoDaddy Promo Code

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GoDaddy Review
4.4/5 stars

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