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HostPapa Review (Bonus With HostPapa Coupon!)

HostPapa CouponHostPapa is truly a unique contender in the web hosting space for their breakthroughs in green technology.  They are powered by 100% green renewable energy.  This speaks volumes to their credibility and care toward the environment and their customers.  In regards to why they use green energy, they state that: “The servers and equipment we use here at HostPapa run 24 hours per day and consume a great deal of electricity. Why should we burden the world just because we require that electricity to light up our servers?”  What a phenomenal amount of integrity for a business to show.

If we start to gear our conversation more toward the hosting service itself, HostPapa offers all the basic essentials of Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth.  Another bonus that you get with HostPapa is a free domain with signup.  Some other hosting companies do this, but not all of them.  So it definitely is a major plus that saves you an extra 15 dollars.  Money that you can reinvest towards advertising.

A couple extra bonuses included with your hosting package are unlimited email accounts, unlimited autoresponders, unlimited mysql databases, and compatibility with wordpress.  Now of course there are many more additional features to HostPapa, but these are just a few of the basic bonuses that I thought were significant.

I mentioned WordPress above, but it doesn’t stop there.  HostPapa also lets you quickly install mailing list software, polls, web auctions, social media platforms, forums, and so much more from your control panel.  It also should be said that HostPapa uses cPanel for their control panel platform.  Without a doubt, cPanel is the best control panel platform.  It is module based and very easy for anyone to use.  No special experience is required at all.

For the high tech readers, HostPapa currently supports PHP 5 and gives you direct access to create, manipulate, or delete mySQL databases.  You can easily access them through phpMyAdmin as well.  The servers are high performance Linux servers, and they are being monitored 24/7 so that you have a strong and consistent up time.

For the non tech readers, there are tutorials for almost everything in the backend.  I highly recommend you watch those if you are a little overwhelmed because everything is very easy once you get the hang of it.  There are also built in site creators for you that make it very easy to create your website.

All in all, HostPapa is a great choice for a host.  I hope that you found this review helpful.  Be sure to use a HostPapa Coupon with your order to save money if you decide to host with them!

HostPapa Coupon

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HostPapa Review
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