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iPage Review (Bonus With iPage Coupon!)

iPage CouponLet’s talk about iPage.  One of the most noticeable benefits to iPage is their extremely affordable pricing structure.  It is unmatched in the space of reliable hosts.  And that’s a key point to bring up.  Whenever you choose a host, ALWAYS choose one of the top players.  There are thousands upon thousands of look-a-likes and imitators that try to get into the lucrative hosting market, but the most important factor is reliability.  A big name like iPage can guarantee you 99.9% up time, and support in your times of need.  This is very important and should not be overlooked!

On the topic of tech support, iPage offers 24/7 phone and text-chat support.  This should be an essential for everybody.  Everything is fine and dandy until the worst comes all at once and you need to get on the phone with someone immediately to solve your problems.  iPage’s tech support is not only US based, but also very knowledgeable on the topic of web development and hosting.  I personally have only had to contact them once, and the problem was solved within 90 seconds when I did.  Can’t recommend their support team enough.

All the standard hosting features are also equipped on your iPage account.  This includes Unlimited Disk Space and Unlimited Bandwidth.  An extra bonus that they throw on is the ability to create unlimited email accounts for yourself from your domain names.  This means that you can set up a “” email for everyone in your company and their grandmas.

We touched on price just a little bit in the block above, but I don’t think that it does it justice.  iPage has the most affordable rates in its class.  You will find Bluehost charging 3x that rate and HostGator charging 2x that rate.  If you are looking for an affordable host, iPage is an easy decision for you.  Be sure to use the iPage Coupon above to save even more money too.

If we jump over to the technical side of things for our computer-smart users, you will find iPage to be equipped with MySQL and phpMyAdmin for all your database needs.  They also have Simple Scripts built right in so that you can quickly install WordPress to any of your domains.  Simple Scripts also includes forum platforms, social media platforms, and so much more.  Installation takes 60 seconds at most and makes the process extremely easy.

If you are not interested in installing a platform like WordPress onto your site, iPage has a number of easy to use webpage builders built right in.  There are even drag and drop editors with built-in themes.  It doesn’t get any easier than that!  The bottom line is that iPage is an affordable host that is equipped with the extensive features for a hardcore developer, but also presented in a way that is easy to understand and use for the non-techie user.  I truly cannot recommend it enough.

I hope you found this iPage Review helpful!  If you are going to go with iPage, grab an iPage Coupon above to save yourself some money and make your wallet just a little bit heavier!  All the best!

iPage Coupon

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iPage Review
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