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JustHost Review (Bonus With JustHost Coupon!)

JustHost CouponJustHost is a great hosting company that surprisingly offers a wide variety of different services.  They currently offer dedicated servers, website hosting, and vps hosting.  For the sake of this review, I am going to assume you are looking for web hosting (as that is what most of their clientele is).  With that being said, lets jump right into to the conversation!

If we first take a look at the bare bone essentials, JustHost is going to have you covered.  They offer unlimited disk space storage for your website files (within reason of course) and unlimited bandwidth for your traffic.  Both of these features are phenomenal because it means that JustHost will be able to grow along with your business. This is very important.  Another great feature that should not be overlooked is that they allow you to host unlimited domains underneath your one hosting account.  This means that you can continue to build out new sites over and over again without having to create a second hosting account.  This will save you LOTS of money.

For the non-tech people, you will find a number of quick and easy features within JustHost that will fit your liking.  The biggest one that will interest you is their one-click install dashboard.  With this, you can easily install a social network, blog, forum, etc in a single click.  So if you are not planning on coding out your entire website, this is going to be your best friend!  The platforms install in literally a matter of seconds as well!

For the tech-minded people, you will be happy to hear that JustHost supports the latest versions of PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, and many more.  You have the ability to create and manipulate mySQL databases at your pleasure as well.  You will definitely be hooked up perfectly at JustHost.

On the topic of price, JustHost is extremely competitive.  It actually is much cheaper than majority of the major players.  Combine that with the huge array of features that they offer and you have a really good deal.  When you sign up, you get a free domain name for yourself as well.  So they continue to throw bonuses on top of everything.  It really is a phenomenal deal.

And finally, after a few conversations with their support team I can happily say that both their sales and technical support teams are well educated.  This can be a make or break for many people.  You never want to be caught in a moment of trouble and not have anybody to turn to.  Rest assured, JustHost will be able to solve your problems and be your superhero of the night!

I hope you found this review helpful!  If you decide to go with JustHost as your hosting provider, be sure to use a JustHost Coupon above to save some money!  All the best!


JustHost Coupon

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JustHost Review
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