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Keen Review (Bonus With Keen Promo Code!)

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As the name suggests, Keenfootwear is a Portland, Oregon based company that designs, and creates stylish footwear. The company has a large selection of footwear for men, women and kids, including hiking shoes and boots, slip ons, city boots, sandals, lace ups, sneakers, slippers etc. Apart from footwear, Keenfootwear also sells accessories such as socks, and handbags. Most of the company’s products are for outdoor activities such as hiking, and waterfront sports.

The company not only offers different styles of footwear; it also offers choice in colors and sizes. The range of color options is also quite large from this company. Its products have been rightly classified so that the visitor to the Keenfootwear’s website does not have to search much for the desired products. The company’s website is also user friendly apart from being fast. All products on Keenfootwear’s site look extremely classy even though they are not made for any party wear or occasion wear. In general, footwear from this company can be classified either as casual or as formal. Periodically, Keen introduces new products, which set fashion trends for that variety of footwear. Simultaneously, the company puts up some of the products for sale. It is hard not to be tempted to purchase the hiking shoes or boots shown on the company’s website. Even the sandals look rather comfortable and yet elegant. These sandals often have felt or velvet like lining on the top, and their sole is made from heavier rubber, like the shoes of tennis stars. Color combinations are strikingly different too, making them look like exclusive products. These shoes are designed in a way that user’s feet would never feel too tired or feel the strain of it being pressed against any unrelenting surface for too long. However, the best feature on Keen’s website is its customizing application. This feature lets user create shoes and bags, using an application forming part of the website. Keen undertakes manufacture of such customized orders at agreed rates. Under normal circumstances, this process can prove to be expensive. This feature not only helps in customizing such merchandise, but also makes people realize how creative they can get, with access to right tools. Such customization also helps user get the right fitting shoes for themselves and their family members.

Amongst the products on Keenfootwear‘s US branch store that are worth a mention are the sneakers which have attractive color combinations. They are exclusive products. Keenfootwear offers printed as well as plain colored sneakers. Amongst these, the sneakers with floral prints are strikingly beautiful. Likewise the ballerina styled white and black shoes are also enticing ones. Many of the shoes in this shop, including sneakers with floral design are fastened using laces on them.

Most of Keenfootwear’s shoes are designed for comfort in rough terrain. Therefore, they have that sturdy look about them. There are waterproof varieties as well. Such shoes are essential in mountainous regions, or places near seashore. Pictures in the background on website almost suggest the targeted market. The company has offices in different countries of Europe and Asia, including Japan and Netherlands, apart from Canada. Its presence in these markets proves that its shoes offer both looks as well as quality.

Keen Promo Code

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Keen Review
4.4/5 stars

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