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Lacrosse Monkey Coupon

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Lacrosse Monkey Review (Bonus With Lacrosse Monkey Coupon!)

Lacrosse Monkey Coupon

The Lacrosse Monkey is no monkey business. These are serious people who essentially are out there to encourage sportsmen and sportswomen trying out their skills in Lacrosse. Lacrosse being a contact game requires protective gears to protect you from getting injured. This is where Lacrosse Monkey steps in and provides you with all the protection you need to compete in this game. It has all sorts of equipments no matter in which position you play and at what level you play. They have different sets of gears for men and women. Apart from this, Lacrosse Monkey also makes available to you the essentials of the game like the shafts, ball, goal & net, training aids, sports medicine, bags, footwear etc.

Customer friendly Lacrosse Monkey takes special care that the customers get a very competitive price and that their pockets do not get pinched. Hence it boldly declares that if a customer claims that price tag of one their competitors is lower than theirs for the same products, even if by one cent, and the customer is not availing any special discount from them, they will give the customer the same product at 10% lesser rate than what the other company is offering. Lacrosse Monkey also pays special attention that the orders placed to them are dispatched in time with proper verification and that the product reaches the customers dot on time. To be more customer friendly, the company has eliminated the handling charges of all orders as well. Then again, if the product shipped to you does not turn up to your liking, you can return back the same within 150 days of the date of purchase. If you return the product within 14 days, you will not be charged the restocking fee. If you return it after that, you will be charged 10% of stocking fee. But please go through the conditions essential before returning the product.

The returning mode instructions are simple and there no hassles in that.Warranties are also honored promptly but again it is advised to go through them carefully as they vary from product to product. Then Lacrosse Monkey also provides the customer with exchange offers. That is, if for some reason the customer wants some other product instead of the one he/she placed order on, the company readily complies with it, but the customer has to pay for shipping charges both ways. Take your pickSome of the world-class products you can shop here include – Maverick Rome Lacrosse Gloves: it is one of the products which is appreciated by many as it provides great protection. It may be a bit sweaty experience but the protection it gives overweighs the odd.Nike Vapor Elite Lacrosse Gloves: another product which is liked by many as it is light weight, stretchable and takes care of your sweaty palms. It has a nice feel and look.STX Surgeon Sc-Ti Attack Lacrosse Shaft: This shaft is light weight, tough and versatile you can use it in any conditions. It enables you faster shots and quick reactions.Nike Lakota Lacrosse Head: This is another of the best-selling products which the players go for. It is light weight, tough, versatile and easy to string. You can use it for big games, practices and in extreme conditions.All in all, it will be a great shopping experience for you to cart shop at Lacrosse Monkey, because they are genuinely concerned in giving the customers their worth and have fantastic customer service ethics.

Lacrosse Monkey Coupon

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Lacrosse Monkey Review
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