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Lightake Coupon

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Lightake Review (Bonus With Lightake Coupon!)

Lightake Coupon

It is an online store which caters for you needs for electronic gadgets, may it be cellphones, tablet PC & MID, car electronics, computer parts or Apple accessories. They also have flashlights, magic cubes, LED & lamp.

The attractions of Lightake
With experience on its side and advanced technologies, Lightake works relentlessly to give the customers a wonderful online shopping experience.

Wide range to choose from
There is wide range of products up for your grabs and the list increases with new items pouring in on regular basis. The website gets updated regularly to be more informative and prompt in announcing its new arrivals and modifications.

Competitive Pricing
The journey of the product from the manufacturer to the customer is shorter through Lightake, hence there is less accumulation of price along the way. The product does not change many hands ensuring that it comes cheaper to you.

Smooth dealings
The online facilities are safe and easy to understand, they are embedded with powerful solutions to take up customer’s request promptly and efficiently. All you have to do, is just few clicks, the rest is taken care by technologies and the efficiency of Lightake staff.

Efficient Customer Services
The customer service staffs are well-trained and have experience on their side to take up on any issues that the customer may be facing. And, they stay loyal to you throughout, before and after the sale as well. You can opt from different way to contact them.

The return policy
You also get the facility to return the product after purchase, if you feel like. But before that, please get the Return Merchandise Authorization, which is simple process. And, advisable is the fact to check the eligibility clauses for the products before shipping them.

Drop Shipping
It is a fantastic concept that the site provides. Its trademark feature being that:
If the amount of the shipped product is less than $50, the costs of shipping services are dropped. And, if the cost of the product is above $50, Lightake offers a discount of 1.5%.
Getting it as straight as possible this concept is nothing but, that you sell products which are at Lightake to your individual customers and then later buy it from Lightake. After you have placed the order, Lightake directly ships it to your customer.

It is a great opportunity for you to sell broad range of products without putting your money upfront. It is costs effective as you do not have warehouses to maintain and other expenses.
You only have to place orders and the ball is in Lightake court to pack and mail the product to your customer. They do not put any labels or stickers to trace the product to them.

This online store has many wonderful features which, makes it attractive and user friendly features which simplifies the process of chart shopping. You have features like gathering point and getting rewards, like store credit or cash rewards. Lightake has fantastic customer approach and works with the perspective of customer satisfaction.

Lightake Coupon

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Lightake Review
4.4/5 stars