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MacKeeper Review (Bonus With MacKeeper Coupon Code!)

MacKeeper Coupon Code

The Mac community understands that the threat of a virus or malware attack exists as much for a Mac as it does for Windows. Because of this, a product by the name of MacKeeper is available that will prevent a virus attack and keep a Mac running fast and lean. MacKeeper, with its many useful features not only protects from viruses, but also rids Macs from excessive clutter from unused parts of applications that use up precious memory. It effectively removes system and user cache files which is another source of needless memory usage as well as unused language files from applications. Most of all, MacKeeper removes system and log files that can grow very large if left unattended. The beauty of this program is that it can do all of these functions with a click of one button, “Fast Cleanup.”

MacKeeper is a software program specifically designed for Macs and as such, its features and capabilities seamlessly integrate into all of a Macs functions. Instead of using up precious resources that can slow a computer to a frustrating crawl, MacKeeper ensures that the all important speed of a Mac is kept at its highest level thanks to its intuitive architecture that will not rob the user of the experience he or she has come to expect.

An important point should be made that all operating systems, whether Mac or PC, are targets of virus writers. One of the reasons why Macs seem impervious to infection is due to the much lower user numbers worldwide versus Windows. This presents another important point about protecting a Mac. Although virus or malware infections are rare, they do exist. It is at a user’s peril to be fooled into thinking that a Mac is somehow protected from an aggressive attacker. Below is a list of the most important features of MacKeeper that make it the choice of millions of Mac users the world over:

Internet Security – This is the antivirus feature that is subscription based. $10 per year for arguably the best antivirus engine in existence! Anti-Theft – In the unfortunate event that a Mac is stolen, notifying Kromtech (the manufacturer of MacKeeper) will initiate a location report of the Mac and a picture of the thief at first logon. This information can then be given to police to facilitate recovery. Data Control – This category contains several handy features that help safeguard, retrieve, backup, and even destroy unneeded files. Cleaning – The heart of MacKeeper. Here, removal of unnecessary files and usage logs are removed which helps keep the Mac running fast and lean. Optimization – MacKeeper will notify the user of needed updates and even performs the updates if requested. Geek On Demand – Another very handy feature. If help with MacKeeper is needed as it sometimes is, scheduling a “Geek” to help is just a click away!

The love affair with the Mac will continue as long as Apple, the manufacturer of Macs, continues to produce this elegant and masterful piece of hardware. Keeping the Mac in perfect operating condition should be a priority. MacKeeper will make fine-tuning the Mac simple and easy, allowing this fine piece of machinery to perform at its highest level as long as possible.

MacKeeper Coupon Code

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MacKeeper Review
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