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NetFirms Review (Bonus With NetFirms Coupon!)

NetFirms CouponNetfirms is a hosting company that caters to just about every kind of business. Whether you are launching a personal site, company site, or an entirely new internet business – Netfirms has you covered. They always have the best interest of their customer in mind. Their lowest package gifts you a free domain with your hosting, and their highest package gifts you five domains. That is completely unheard of. No other company does that.

One of the greatest features that Netfirms has to offer is their 1-click installations. This is the ideal feature for anybody who doesn’t know how to code but has a big vision for their site. With a single click, you can install popular platforms on to your site to make it completely dynamic. Meaning that you can easily create a WordPress blog that is editable online, a forum that anyone can join and participate it, and so much more. Even people who know how to code will want to take advantage of these!

With Netfirms hosting, you can create as many email accounts as you would like as well. So everyone in your company can have a personalized email at your website. These can be easily set up to be accessed through outlook, gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc – or they can be accessed to a webmail client. Great for accessing your mail from a friends computer.

The programmers will be happy to know that Netfirms is fully compatible with PHP and gives you a handful of MySQL databases to use for your site.  And of course with MySQL databases, you HAVE to have phpMyAdmin to edit them easily! With every Netfirms package, you have full access to use phpMyAdmin. In addition to php, Netfirms supports Perl, python, and many more.

Another bonus of going with Netfirms is the ad credit. With signing up, they give you over one hundred dollars in credit to be able to use on Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and Bing/yahoo ads. This is huge for building traffic and momentum to your newly created site. Everybody knows that the statement, “if you build it, they will come”, does not ring true on the internet. So having this free ad budget is absolutely vital for pushing that initial burst of traffic.

And of course, if you are ever in need of some assistance, Netfirms has support for you 24 hours per day, seven days per week.  I’ll be the first to admit that there is an extreme amount of comfort that comes from just knowing that somebody has your back. That kind of peace of mind is hard to put a price on.

I hope you found my NetFirms review to be helpful.  Be sure to grab a Netfirms Coupon above to save money on your order. Have a fantastic rest of your day!


NetFirms Coupon

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NetFirms Review
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