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If you have been looking for a place where beauty is celebrated, Philosophy is just where you need to go. Your beauty as a human spirit will be appreciated, while at the same time you will find a wide range of beauty products, personalized just for you. At Philosophy, the core belief is that everyone is beautiful; you only need to let it come forth. Philosophy has been in existence since 1996, when it was founded by Christina Carlino, a lady who is very passionate about cosmetics. The products offered here are meant to inspire you to a better life, where you appreciate yourself. If you are scared about trying out new products, then you are wrong. Doctors as well as scientists work real hard to ensure that the end products offered are gentle on your skin producing amazing results. The product names too leave you inspired, and you will feel great using them. Some of their names include: grace, purity and hope. Inspiration is also drawn from the photos of children which are a constant reminder to live curious, wise and happy lives.

Would you Like This?
There are many products at Philosophy, ranging from skin care products, gifts, to fragrance, to body&baths. Remember they all have beautiful names. Skin care products are there to help you have a beautiful, healthy skin. There are cleansers, moisturizers, as well as products for eye and lip care, all meant to meet all your skin care needs. They will help you keep away the wrinkles, excessive oiliness, dehydration, large pores, acne, sensitivity and redness too. Fragrance products are there to ensure that you smell fresh throughout the day, while body&baths ensure that your bath is splendid and more relaxing. The body&baths include bath & shower gels, and moisturizers.

Favorite Selections
“Field of Flowers” is one of the most wonderful products offered at Philosophy. It is available as a spray fragrance, shower gel&bubble bath, body lotion, body spritz, and shampoo. All these are available in different flavors: orange, violet, water lily, and magnolia, just like the beautiful flowers in the field. “Field of Flowers” is not only beautiful but also very affordable. Its price ranges from $37.50 to $18.00. The orange blossom spray fragrance leaves you feeling relaxed, just like someone who was sitting under some blossoming orange trees on a sunny afternoon. It is light and comfortable to move around with, as it weighs 2 oz. The violet blossom body lotion contains anti-oxidants that will work on your skin conditioning and softening it. It has a mild floral scent. The magnolia blossom shampoo, shower gel& bubble bath will clean and condition both hair and skin. It foams and easily forms lather, while the beautiful scent gets you ready for the day. The perfumed body spritz has aloe to balance moisture levels, and anti-oxidants that provide vitamin C & E, all of which soften the skin ensuring that it’s not affected by the environment.

All in All
Philosophy takes care of the whole person, from the skin, to making your bath a great experience, to smelling fresh all day long. All these aspects bring forth the beauty in you and you can be confident and feel better about you.


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Philosophy Review
4.4/5 stars

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