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Rebtel Review (Bonus With Rebtel Coupon!)

Rebtel Coupon

Making international calls can be expensive especially if you live in a different country from your friends and family. Rebtel enables you to make international calls cheaply by using the internet to make calls as opposed to using phone networks which are more expensive. This method of calling can be done from just about any communication gadget such as landline phones and mobile devices. You can also send text messages at a fraction of the cost that you normally would.

The benefits of using Rebtel are numerous. Some of these include that you will make plenty of savings when you use Rebtel to make calls. This is because using internet is very cheap; it is up to 98% cheaper than using phone networks. You can also call anybody anywhere in the world, it does not matter if they are in a Rebtel region or not, you will still be able to access your family members and friends. If the person you are calling is in a country that does not have Rebtel then you will be charged a small fee for every minute that you talk but this fee is minimal especially when compared with other costs.

The other advantage of using this service for international communication is that you can use different calling methods such as data, 3G or minutes to call which makes it convenient and easy to make phone calls. You can also use any landline or mobile phone and smartphone. This also makes it really easy and convenient to make international calls at any time and from anywhere cheaply. With Rebtel, there are no hidden calls which makes calls more expensive but. The lines are clear which makes it easy to hear and communicate with your loved ones all over the world.

Some of the products that you can access through Rebtel are the Android app which you can use to make free calls. The first thing to do is to download the app which is free. You then alert your friend to use their Rebtel app and then call for free depending on the type of connection that you pre select. For non Rebtel users, you type in the international number that you wish to call and pay the per minute rates that you see. When you pre select the local call option, you pay for the call the price of a local call.

If you are abroad, you can use the Android app to make calls by using WiFi then change your preferred calling method to internet on your app then go to the dial pad and tap on the phone icon at the top right corner and choose internet as your calling option. You can also send a text message by using a smartphone or PC apps as long as the destination can receive the texts. You will have to check the list of destinations that can receive the SMS. Your friends can also reply the text if they are in an international destination. Rebtel is the cheapest option for making international calls.

Rebtel Coupon

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Rebtel Review
4.4/5 stars

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