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Trend Micro Review (Bonus With Trend Micro Promo Code!)

Trend Micro Promo Code

Trend Micro has over 25 years of experience and is acknowledged as the only pure-play security provider as well as a market leader when it comes to cloud, server, virtualization, and small business content security. Their ability to create top of the line solutions that have the capability to stop threats and protect data across physical, virtual, and cloud environments has made them a global leader and a force to be reckoned with.

Smart, simple security that fits- your home & home office
With the variety of products and services that Trend Micro offers, they make it easy for consumers to stay safe and protected at home.

Trend Micro offers a number of solutions for at home security to help keep you and your family safe. Whether you have a PC or a Mac you are sure to be satisfied with their Trend Micro™ Titanium™ Internet Securitysolution that is compatible with Windows 8 and is currently the #1 bestselling protection for Macs.

Trend Micro utilized their cloud-based Smart Protection Network™ and Mobile App Reputation technology to create their flagship mobile security product,  Trend Micro™ Mobile Security Personal Edition, for Android devices. Trend Micro offers additional solutions for Android users as well as a number of solutions for iOS mobile devices.

Trend Micro offers additional security products for home and home office safety as well as online sync and back-up services.

Smart, simple security that fits- your business
Trend Micro specializes in deploying smart and simple security solutions that will protect your business from theft and other cyber attacks.

By using a layered approach, Trend Micro is able to deliver a security solution that has centralized visibility control and minimal impact on server and network efficiency. Businesses have the option to have these solutions on premise or hosted and each solution package can be tailored, packaged, and priced to suit each business’ needs.

Trend Micro is able to keep your businesssafe by using a unique and highly effective layered approach to provide security for all users no matter the device, location or application.

Trend Micro Customers
Trend Micro’s security solutions have been deployed globally in businesses from a variety of backgrounds and industries such as healthcare, finance, education, government, technical services and more.

In Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Trend Micro was able to increase security and reduce costs for virtualized cloud applications for Beth Israel Deaconess.

Trend Micro was able to provide security solutions for virtualized and cloud environments for the National Bank of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

Trend Micro helped the University of California, Berkley,USA replace their Cisco Security Agent with Trend Micro™ Deep Security which reduced their security footprint drastically.

The Kuwaiti government experienced a 50-60% performance improvement after Trend Micro helped them switch to Trend Micro™ OfficeScan with a DLP plug-in.

Swisscom IT Services was able to reduce the total cost of ownership by having Trend Micro deploy Trend Micro™ Deep Security in Worblaufen, Switzerland.

After being named the 2013 “Top Cloud Security Vendor”, being a constant market leader in small business content security, holding a 5 star partner rating by CRN and having a CEO that was listed as one of Forbes Asia’s 2013 top 50 Business Women of the Year, it is no wonder why Trend Micro is a global internet content security software titan.

Thank you for reading our review of Trend Micro!  Be sure to grab yourself a Trend Micro Promo Code to save some money on your order!


Trend Micro Promo Code

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Trend Micro Review
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