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Western Union Review (Bonus With Western Union Promo Code!)

Western Union Promo Code

Western Union is one of the oldest payment methods of sending and receiving money from others. It was founded in 1851 as a telegram company. Western union is a legitimate company, with trustworthy services that are nearly used by all individuals and business. Money transfer with Western union can be done physically at a money transfer agent or online. In oftentimes, the money reaches the recipient within minutes; however, to abide with the anti money laundering laws, you are required to make a confirmation call before the money is released. If you are transferring your money from an agent location, the only information needed is your full names and details of the sender and the receiver.

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There are many benefits of using western union to transfer your funds. Firstly, you have freedom to choose whether you want to transfer your funds online or from an agent location. The best part is that both of these options are convenient and easy. With the online transfer, all you are required to fill is the name and details of the receipt and the transfer the funds. If you prefer to use an agent, it is also much more convenient as they hundreds of locations each country. That means you will not have a problem finding your nearest Western Union.

Secondly, funds are transferred within a few minutes. That means you can use it to transfer money, in case of emergencies and other urgent situations. The receiver will collect the money in their local exchange which saves them the long processes of changing currencies. Lastly, the receiver does not need to have a bank account in order to receive the money as it is the case with other online transfers. Western Union makes use a Money Control Number which is issued to the sender after they send the money. The sender will then to pass on to the receiver so that they can make the collection. . The chances of losing money via this payment method are minimal as long as you know the person you are sending money to is a trusted individual.

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Western Union Agents: These are found in all countries that accept western union transfers. You can send and receive money from an agent transfer. Agents can also help you out in case of any questions and queries. That means you do need to write emails to the company in case of a problem, you can have all your problems handled by the agent and for more complex problems, they can help you contact the headquarters more easily.

Another unique feature of Western union is the Money Control Number (MTCN) which allows the receiver to claim the money. Actually, this is a unique security code which he or she will know about from the details provided by the sender. In addition, the sender is required to make a confirmation call before the money is released. This helps to avoid any thefts or fraud during the transfer process.

Exchange Rate
Another good thing with this fund transfer method is that the sender is made aware of the current exchange rate so that they know how much to send and what the receiver will collect. The receiver of the money has no charges to pay for, as the money is agreed principally in writing.

All in All
Western union is a legitimate funds transfer, which offers legitimate services to people and business.

Western Union Promo Code

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Western Union Review
4.4/5 stars

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