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What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot due to its widespread use by both individuals and businesses. The concept itself is pretty simple, but since it’s fairly new, most people ask… “What is Web Hosting?”.  In this guide, we are dedicated to showing you what web hosting is in the most easy to follow and relate-able way possible.  So lets break it down!
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Why Do I Need It?

What is Web HostingThe short answer is that you need it to put a website on the internet, but we assume that’s the answer you’ve already received – so let’s dive a little deeper.

If you own a plot of land, that means that you are the only person who can build on that area. Imagine the internet as a giant field, but instead of buying physical “plots of land” you are buying website addresses. When Google buys the web address “”, that means that they are the only people to be able to build a website there. These web addresses are referred to as domain names.

Domain names are just half of what you need to create your website. The other half is web hosting. Your website will undoubtably have text and most likely will have images as well. A web hosting company will store these files for you and deliver the finished website to the customers browser for viewing. To bring it back to our original analogy, web hosting is the tool required to build a house on your plot of land! Pretty simple, right?

Is it Physical Product or Service?

What is Web HostingWeb hosting companies are offering a service. You are essentially paying them to manage and maintain the physical hardware that it takes to get your website online. If a server fails, your website will just be transferred seamlessly to a working server. This takes all of the technical knowledge and responsibility off your hands – and your website will always stay live.

Huge value from a peace of mind standpoint.

So Many Choices, What Should I Choose?

What is Web HostingThere are a few factors that we recommend that you make sure the hosting company you choose has. The first is unlimited disk space and badwidth. This will allow you to handle massive amounts of traffic and hold content-heavy files on your website without being shut down. More factors to look out for are multiple domain hosting, 1-click script installs, easy control panel, and a money back guarantee to be safe. We listed our three recommended hosts below, and each of them satisfy these factors.

How Much Should I Be Paying?

This is a great question to be asking. There are so many horrible web hosting companies that exist. Many are just resellers of the major brands. And of course a reseller can’t offer a lower price than their supplier or they’d be losing money! So a higher price is not always an indication of a better service.

We would recommend paying anywhere from $2-$7 per month. We’ve been in the online world for many years now, so be sure to check out our recommendations below.