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ZAGG Review (Bonus With ZAGG Coupon!)

Zagg Coupon

ZAGG is best known for being the creator of the invisible SHIELD®: the first clear, protective covering for electronic devices of its kind. The first design for this revolutionary product emerged back in 2005 when a man aspired to design a protective covering for his watch. By utilizing a durable, virtually invisible and indestructible military film that is used to protect US helicopter blades from damage caused from high speed winds, invisible SHIELD® was created. Ever since that stroke of genius, ZAGG has become an international sensation and continues to innovate the way we protect our electronic devices and interact with technology.

Superior Protection
invisibleSHIELD® started as a way to protect a wristwatch and quickly evolved into a way to protect electronic devices. It is able to protect your devices without being bulky or wrecking the integrity of the design of the device itself.

In 2009, ZAGG skins combined their invisible SHIELD® technology with customizable high resolution pictures thus giving their customers the ability to upload their own high resolution pictures (or choose from a selection of default professional designs) to have a customized invisibleSHIELD® created.

Now consumers from all over the world are able to purchase a ZAGG covering for an iPhone, iPod, tablet, gaming device, media player, smart phone, GPS or any number of other devices as well (including wristwatches).

ZAGG audio
ZAGG doesn’t stop at protective coverings though. In2008, ZAGG released a cutting-edge line of electronic accessories called ZAGG audio. ZAGG audio included the award winning ZAGG smart buds line and the ZAGG buds Edge line. ZAGG now offers superior audio accessories including ear buds and headphones (available in a wide range of colors and styles) as well as mobile and Bluetooth speakers.

More ZAGG Gadgets
ZAGG further utilized its creative genius to improve other popular products such as mobile keyboards, portable chargers, and stylus pens.

ZAGG has created a line of mobile keyboards, ZAGG keys,that are compatible with Apple iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad4, and iPad Mini as well as the ZAGG keys FLEX Keyboard that is compatible with both Apple and Android products.

ZAGG also created the ZAGGsparq collection. ZAGGsparq is a portable charger and battery backup device that provides fast and convenient backup power. It provides 1-4 charges for a smart phone depending on the ZAGGsparq appliance purchased and the model of the smartphone.

There is also ZAGG stylus which features top of the line styus pens that are compatible with all touch screen devices.

The ZAGG Community
For those of you who are interested in learning more about ZAGG,there are plenty of resources to check out. ZAGG is active on Facebook and Twitter and has its own YouTube channel. You can also visit their website where they feature the ZAGG blog as well as reviews from bloggers and, a testimonials page called “ZAGG Wall of Shame” (named for all of the ZAGG fans who “shamelessly” promote ZAGG on social media.

ZAGG has transformed from being a backyard operation to becoming an international phenomenon. Today ZAGG continues to exercise their ability to innovate, think outside of the box and break barriers all the while delivering excellent quality products with outstanding customer service and gathering a devout following of fans and admirers.  Thanks so much for reading this review of ZAGG!  Be sure to grab a ZAGG Coupon above to save money!

Zagg Coupon

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ZAGG Review
4.5/5 stars

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